Attracting Foreign Investors

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if this is the right place for this question but perhaps someone might be able to lead me to the right direction.

I am a real estate broker in Manhattan. There is lots of foreign money being invested in Manhattan’s Condo market every day and I would like to reach foreign investors and perhaps generate leads for my business. Does anyone know of a good place on the web or any other methods to reach these types of investors?

I have run ads in NY-Times and Craigs list in the past but all the leads are local folks from the metro area who don’t have the budget.

Any idea will be highly helpful.

Thanks in advance

You may want to get your CIPS designation or at least join the network.

Hi Dee,

What is CIPS?

If you click the link that I provided, it explains. It’s right on the front page. I assume you are a member of the board.

Dee thanks, I read about it and it’s very interesting. I am not a member of the board but need to learn about


i have attracted investment dollars from canada (for some reason i dont consider that all that foreign)

in general, every local area has a localized real estate publication (for instance, if I am in Moscow, there is a localized group of real estate investors, an association per se) they have some sort of publication and because it is small and pretty focused, the ad rates are a bit more managable

as a final though, its been my experience that the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence (concept)

if I am in Moscow, im convinced people in Paris are doing better/more profitable deals, etc. Its been a winning concept for me to market.