attracting cashbuyers only

Whats the best way to advertise to just investors that can close quickly?

Ive got a property in contract through a short sale. The bank gave me three weeks to close.

I am going to go to the county tomorrow to pass around information on the property-I have had success in the past this way.

What other things have you done? I looked through todays paper and didnt see any good examples of sellers marketing to investors. Does anybody have a good type of ad to get investors calling. I dont have time to sell to an end buyer, nor do I want to deal with unqualified buyers.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Thank you,

Gregg- Tucson

I’ve seen plenty of ads that say “Cash/Hard Money ONLY.”

Just put that in your ad.

Thanks Paul. I put it in the paper today like this:

Foreclosing!! 133k
Sunset Blvd.
Cash/Hard $ only 555-5555

When is the foreclosure auction in the County/city where the property is located? Is it before your closing date? If so, go there & pass out info about your property to those who are bidding/buying. Usually these buyers don’t buy enough houses at the auction & they’ll probably like your deal.

I also suggest going to your local REI Club. Look for the more experienced investors. Typically the ones not really paying attention to the presentation.

Your ad tells the reader what is required but falls short on tweaking the “what’s in it for me” factor…

Aside from the hint of desperation that “Foreclosing” might give off to the sharks, there is nothing that compels me to pick up the phone.

How about this (off the cuff)…

I’m In Foreclosure—Profit From My Misfortune
I’m Giving Away 20K of Equity To The First
Cash Buyer That Makes Me A Offer.
Call 555-555-1212

If you tell them what is in it for them and they want it, they take action and respond…


Scott Miller