attorneyX - Bob Diamond course comments

Anyone acquired his newly launched AttorneyX coarse. Provide your comments and any successes. Think about purchasing and a alternative to Short sale strategies .

fort lauderdale

I have purchased his Probate course that is suppose to be all new for 2010. When i received the package it was the 2008 course and some of the materials that were promised were missing. After contacting them about 8 times and calling the office they said they would ship out the remaining parts that were missing. a week went by and still nothing. Contacted them again and the response i got back was “We are looking into it and will let you know as soon as we have something.” I am thinking of just getting my money back.

I looked at his Foreclosure investing course and the only thing that I really liked is finding foreclosures through bankruptcy. He teaches you how to use the Pacer government website to find those people who filed bankruptcy to stop foreclosure but are now being kicked out of bankruptcy therefore automatic stay will be lifted.

Other than that, the rest is similar to other foreclosure investing course.

Has anyone heard any more about the Bob Diamond program since this posting?

:deal yes, he is having a product launch… how could you miss it?