attorney's who don't do it your way

i have an option deal with a buyer ligned up to make probably $80k before closing cost.

My first attorney is trying to convince me you cannot do a double closing. And doesnt understand what to do.

My second attorney is very “BRAVADO” and demands where did you learn this stuff you can’t do this.

My closing and title company is ok with the double closing.

How do i push forward without losing this deal?

Use one lawyer for one closing and the other for the second…if they don’t play nice, don’t use them again. Unless you’re in Buttscratch, Montana, lawyers are everywhere!

The title company is doing the bulk of the work. Are you in a state that requires attorneys? If not, what’s the real need? (For you to have an attorney, I mean, not for the attorney’s best interests).


I am in NY and the title company did say they can handle everything.

I guess i should just go with them.

thank you for the insight.

Also this particular house is in foreclosure? are there any other steps to getting this house.

are the owners living there? Sometimes they need a kick in the butt to get them out. That needs to be done on the legal straight-n-narrow.

yes they are