Attorneys who can help with California Tax Deed

I am looking for a lawyer who can advise on the Tax Deed sales and implications in California - can you suggest any good ones who are knowledgeable

John Fu Law Office
1505 North San Fernando Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91504-4121
(818) 239-1582‎

He is a great RE attorney in California… Expensive… Tell him I said hello…


BTW its fun spelling his last name to people you dislike…

hi smumbo,

what sort of questions did you have?

Thank you Michael

I am looking to get started and from what I saw - would need an Attorney who can help deal with few issues - thought I better have my resources before I really get started.

I would appreciate any pointers from the experts on the forum.

what are the issues you think you need an atty for?

from the clients I’ve dealt with in CA…you may run into some delays in getting title insurance…but that shouldnt stop you from being able to flip the house without title ins.

CA residents tend to bid the property up rather high in the southern counties…

if that is your area…you may want to consider contacting Michael Q from this site…and begin with his mentoring program…I think you will do quite well

Good Luck