Attorney or title company?

Do any of you use a competent attorney to initiate all the paperwork, getting clear title, collecting and dispersing of funds from your buyer closing, and couriers the documents over the bank’s closing attorney? Essentially becoming the title company. Or do you use a title company? I was speaking to my attorney and he stated he could do this work for much less then a title company. What are some pro and cons of doing this?

You can use either. Since Title companies use Attorneys, he certainly could do it. However title companies are experienced as they do this work everyday. They also have policies in case there is a problem. I would not recommend hiring a Family Practice attorney for Real Estate matters, or a Real Estate attorney for Criminal Defense. They are good at what they specialize in, and if they specialize in everything, they probably aren’t that good at anything.

When I buy, I use a RE attorney. When I sell, I use a title co.

My attorney happens to own the title company. You want to get someone that specializes in real estate. Ask questions, your paying for their services. If your attorney doesn’t feel comfortable answering, then they might not be the right one for you.