Attorney costs?

What should I expect to pay an attorney to run basic title searches and report back with any liens or judgements?

What should I expect to pay an attorney to assist in double closings?

Will I be paying per hour of his services or a flat fee?


Are you in an attorney state?


I guess that brings up a good point. No, I’m not in an attorney state, but I figured that I’m going to want an attorney at hand to review contracts and answer legal questions along the way pertaining to real estate investments.

I guess I just assumed to have him work to search titles and assist in closings, but I guess a title company could do that too, right?

What does a title company charge?

Sorry for being such a noob :).

You don’t want to pay attorney fees when you can get a Title Comapny clerk to do it cheaper…you’re gonna get the same results (at least you’d better!). The attorney will take your $300 an hour and sub it out to a title clerk for $15 an hour…and all you got was screwed.

I would try to find a competent title clerk to do it on the side for you…


Sorry to keep dragging this out but how exactly does one find a title clerk to do this? Should I just open the yellow pages and start calling the title companies front desk and explain what I’m looking for?


That’s a good start. After you have done a few and they are comfotable with you and vice versa, you can ask one of the competent clerks if they would be interested in doing some work on the side…


On the side! You mean like :shocked…Oh nevermind, I think I understand what you mean now. Time to get my head out the :flush