Attorney charges and how to find one.

I am working on buying couple of NNN leased commercial properties. I want an attorney to help me with the sales contract and review the lease. I spoke to one attroney and I was quoted $225/hr. Is it reasonable?

I am also looking at something out of my state. How do I find the good local attorney. Do I really need the local attorney ?

Howdy Investor123:

If you get a standard contract and a standard you may not need an attorney and if you have a title company close the deal for you. Another alternative is to find an attorney to close the deal for you. As part of this service they will often times answer questions etc that you otherwise may have to pay extra for. They will usually close or title companies and get part of the title commission and also fees for drawing up the documents and other closing fees that are pretty much the same as a title company. Just a little extra for your bucks. If you are out of state it may be a bit difficult to get an attorney and may just want to use the local title company.

An experienced real estate attorney will be able to quote you a flat / fixed fee for a real estate transaction, whether residential or commercial.

If you want an attorney, maybe you should go to California Orange County Lawyer to help you with the sales contract and review the lease to solve your problem.