Attn: Tim-RE:attorneys

Hi Tim,
Just curious if you use attorneys at all in your Sub2 deals? Been interviewing some and am having a heck of a time finding one to work with. It has been recommended to me to have an attorney close the sub2 deals if I ever get one. Just curious what the experts are doing.

Mike Crow

I cringe when I see “expert” so please don’t use that term in reference to me. Forty or fifty sub2’s may sound like a lot when just starting out, but it’s barely intermediate in some of the circles I used to run and even an annual buy number for some folks. So, I don’t consider myself to be in the big leagues.

I think having an attorney close your Sub2 deals is a good idea. I’m not sure you’ll find many that understand what the heck you’re talking about. I did my first two creative closings with an attorney and then moved to a title company after that when it became apparent that my knowledge level for creative investing was greater than that of the attorney.

If you can find an attorney who invests Sub2 and does closings as well, you might be on to something. Check the Investor Referrals link above by the banner if you’re in the Austin area as Charles Brown may do closings. I don’t recall.

Whatever you do, do not do kitchen table closings. Always have an objective third party handling the transaction.

My two cents…

Thanks Tim,
I will keep trying. Hopefully will find one eventually. My title company will not close them unless I buy title insurance. I will maybe check on that one some more also. Thanks for answering.

Mike Crow