ATTN: Indiana and Louisville REI

I posted this in a different forum but I think I should hav eput it here instead.

I am looking at properties and would like some advice from those of you that are familiar with these areas. I am mainly looking at Indianapolis an dsouthern Indiana.

Web site links and advice on what areas to look in, ways to find good deals and that type of thing would be greatly appreciated.

I have thought about the fort Knox area too but mainly Indy and Sth IN.

The main area i have looked so far in Indy is the  south indy/greenwood area around the mall and south port road.

what are you looking for specifically? What type ?


Welcome to Indy. I buy in those areas and recently purchased in Camby. It was a 3 bed ranch in great area needs about 10k in rehab. Will rent for $1000 a month and have 35K equity. Greenwood is good. 4 beds in Perry Township are hot, hot, hot. I’d probably stay away from some of the new construction around Five Points Road in the Southport area.

Good luck. If you want something more specific, e-mail me.