ATTN: INdiana and Louisville investors

I am looking at properties and would like some advice from those of you that are familiar with these areas. I am mainly looking at Indianapolis an dsouthern Indiana.

Web site links and advice on what areas to look in, ways to find good deals and that type of thing would be greatly appreciated.

I have thought about the fort Knox area too but mainly Indy and Sth IN.

The main area i have looked so far in Indy is the  south indy/greenwood area around the mall and south port road.

Where are you from? I live in the southport in indianapolis. Good houses especially in greenwood. Houses around southport selling from 120k-200k even more. Working witha property in southport right now looks like this

ARV 165k all brick
Repairs 8k
owes 110k

If you’re interested, let me know.


I sent you an email. Thanks.