ATTN: Experienced Bird Dogs/Wholesalers

Hi All,

I am finding diamonds in the rough, so to speak,Whole and need some experienced help. I would love to hear some of your successful stories as well as what type of tactical approach you used to, for lack of a word, win this deal. Keep in mind these are distressed properties and are vacant and boarded up, or not.

If you wouldn’t mind, please provide what you did (letter, called, or showed in person) and what information you included to them to get their attention along with some appropiate questions to ask them.

Here are the situations…

[b]1. Has a vacant/distressed property, sent to nursing home, address is forwarded to relatives nearby. The taxes are owed 3 years back.

  1. Has a vacant property, has a forwarding address to another city, and the taxes are owed 2years back

  2. Has a Vacant Property, Deed shows Probate from spouse, taxes are owed 3 years back. [/b]

It appears I am going to need to act fast and need to seem like I am helping them out, as this is what most of us do for people in these situations. I would love it even more if someone would contact me via email that has experience with this.

Thanks in Advance!

Lee R. L.

I suggest you contacvt them and offer to buy property, ALL CASH!
Even if you are not sure what if any of your qualifications, still that would be a first step.
Once you get some responce, then you can start doing due diligence, i.e. comps, financing etc.


I agree with Leonard on the all CASH. In my marketing I say that I can pay all closing costs as well. The homeowner thinks that is very expensive when in fact, on a CASH deal, it is really less than 1K in most cases (in my market–TX).

For relatives how about doing an address search for the relatives? Or try zabasearch with their names? Reversals…Tax records and then verifying as to where the other people even have paying their taxes or addresses may be needed…But make sure you check the laws for back taxes in your area for rights of redemption,otherwise the other comments are on track.