Attended Local REI Meeting as suggested Thanx

 Tuesday of last week was our local meeting of ACRE. I attended it was free for all first timers and there was even Starbucks coffee! 

 I was lost when I went in and there were over 100 people there from investors to vendors and many frst timers like myself. The time I spent there was incredible everyone I met was very nice and many of them exchanged cards with me. I made more contacts in 3 hours than in the last 4 months. Also everyone as a serious investor I mean focused on making money in RE. 

 I WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST ALL NEW INVESTORS ATTEND. Give yourself a chance to succeed and network with those who are already making money in your area. I can't wait to go back next month. AND with what I learned here I even sounded as though I was a player! I have gathered much information from the articles and posts and want to thank you all. So, Thank You...

 Getting rich slow in Pittsburgh I home at a time.

Isnt is weird how a local REI Club can be so valuable? And there are all kinds of people there from realtors, mortgage brokers, owners and investors, etc.

 Who would have ever thought getting up from the computer and moving towards my goal would be so easy? Inertia an object in motion tends to stay in motion, huh. I plan to use this as anoter tool to help build momentum in my business. 

 3 months of hours and hours of reading, looking at properties, crunching numbers and then re-crunching them correcrtly, working on another guys rehab, and now I am finally ready to get going. The funny thing is now after all tha I realize I know so little but am O.K. with that and realie the process is going to be fun and rewarding. 

  Nothing about this is simple or easy, but the time I've spent has taught me the biggest mistake is to not get out in the mix. I really have nothing promising on the immediate horizon but know that I will be in so many places eventually one will be the right place and time. Then the ball will be rolling and I WILL make money on my first deal.

  As a side note I avoided a mess by learning first. I just met with a couple who bought a house $18K online, have $40K in it, gave them a bid for $20K to complete it and the final value will be around $32K. OUCH, they don't know what to do so I gave them the site and wished them luck.

Remember knowledge is not power! Applied knowledge is power. It is who you know, not what you know. Networking is key. Find the one that has a proven track record. Learn from him or her.