atleast Charlie Brown know basic rules of war

Just got done watching the Prez speech.I actually thought he was going in the right direction until he told the Taliban what time we’d be there,where we’d be and when we’re leaving.Good lord,is’nt this sooooo basic.Even children know you don’t let the enemy know your plan,muchless when you’re gonna quit.RIDICULOUS.

Funny how this is important NOW since he’s got healthcare kicked down the road a bit.

His speech was just a bunch of his usual feel-good, with no substance behind it. However, he is going to send more troops.

If you are going to be in a war, you need to be all the way in. If you don’t want to commit, then you should be all the way out.

It’s been obscene having our troops in there without enough back-up. It’s also intolerable to me to have the troops over there without any hope of ever seeing their tour end. Danger zone duty should have a time limit, followed by a good long stretch, either at home duty station, or somewhere safer, so the troops have a chance to decompress.

I’d like to see enough troops trained so the kids can rotate through. Do 6 months to a year risking their lives and then get a year off to do technical or logistical support. As it is now, they fight, get a couple of weeks off, and then get sent right back in. I’m amazed at how good their spirits remain.

And don’t get me started on the British. They don’t even have enough troops on the ground to rescue their own wounded. US troops get diverted to fly over, fight their way through, and pick them up to fly them to a hospital.

Our troops are risking their lives. They deserve to have all the back-up and support they need. We owe it to them to take good care of them and make their job as safe as possible. People’s sons and daughters are not disposible equipment. They have to take risks, it’s war after all, but we should not demand that they take unessessary risks.

This is more of the same. Preventive war at great expense of our country both in lives and dollars, that benefits the few behind this military industrial complex.

Enlarging this conflict makes no sense. If this were really a war of necessity in defense of a vital national interest then we should be declaring war and doing whatever it takes to win it. Instead, Obama is admitting that this is a war of choice by indicating that we will be leaving after a year or so of nation building backed by force.

I can only hope someday, we will look like total idiots. Fighting preventive wars, so we can have peace. This is straight out of orwell’s 1984, War is Peace.

Does anyone on this board really believe we should increase a surge here? Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are not one and same organization, bin Laden is in Pakistan rather than Afghanistan, and terrorists can operate anywhere so they don’t really need a geographical base.

Want to see these criminals squirm, watch them get corned with a REAL question that happened today at the house foreign affairs committee.

Hi John,

Good comments…

Glad to see you make it to Capitol Hill on occassion.

Was going to recommend my fav restaurant on Connecticut Ave, (Anna Maria’s), but seems they recently went out of business.

When I was going to school there you could get a full course meal at 1 in the morning…not to mention the live music.

Anways…stay safe.


Good points.

I just really can’t beleive such an idiotic move as to set a date and then tell it in a primetime speech was made.I agree with their being an exit strategy and date to try bring our military out of the area.But this is something kept top secret among the military only.I know that there are several safe havens terrorist in and around afghanistan(also don’t trust Iran).
Politicians running a war from washington is THE PROBLEM,they should trust the generals and provide whatever they ask.This is the most powerful,well equiped country in the world yet we take years in crap countries that we should be in and out of in a month.But as usual,washington,U.N, stands in the way so lives are lost and billions wasted yet again.
So I’m totally with John “more of the same” is what we are in store for.Seems like I remember these “Change” chants!!>>>>REAL CHANGE=2010 ELECTION.