Atlanta-the good, the bad, the ugly.

I am looking to buy and flip in Atlanta. I have found a good HML and I am now finding out that Atlanta has areas which are considered untouchable. I have actually been looking for a realtor to work with in the area for the last two weeks but as soon as they find out I am an investor they don’t call back. Can anyone provide advice on where i should look for properties in the ATL, and also can someone recommend a realtor in the area who is willing to work with investors.

I can’t recommend a specific Realtor there but we found our Realtor in our area because he advertised that he worked with investors. I would think there would be one there advertising the same because we’re in a much smaller town than Atl. Most cities with any size at all are going to have areas to stay away from for investment. At least you’re finding that out now and not after you bought there.

Hi Justin, how did you search for your realtor? Did you just google “investor realtor” or something along those lines?

My wife saw on a page in a magazine of homes for sale that this particular Realtor worked with investors. We figured we’d give him a shot and have used him ever since.

Atlanta has one of the biggest REIA (Real Estate Investment Assoc.) in the country ( I’m sure just like the REIA here in NJ, they will have Realtors that are members. These are Realtors who works a lot with investors.

I live in the ATl area and have worked for a company doing house scouting. A house scouter can find properties based on an investor’s criteria, take pictures and provide the owner’s info to the investor, who puts the deal together.

Maybe you could benefit from a house scouter if you can;t find a realtor ?

Yes, I would definitely benefit from a House Scouter. if you have contact information please inbox me. I would really appreciate it.