Atlanta Pharmacist w/ 3 Lots in Cashiers, NC seeking bridge loan

I’m a Georgia Board Licensed Pharmacist in Georgia. I’ve worked in rural South Georgia for a large Retail Pharmacy Corp the past 4 years+ and recently made the decision to move back to Atlanta, my preferred place to live and work. For the past 6 years I’ve owned the 3 highest lots in the exclusive 10 lot Subdivision of Spring Meadows in Glenville, NC overlooking Lake Glenville, highest lake in Eastern U.S. County tax values for the 3 lots is estimated to be $300k ($102k, $75k, $125k) and I own them free and clear. I’m seeking a simple $30k-$40k, 12-36 mo, no PPP terms and bridge loan leveraging the lot w/ County Tax assessed value of $102K.

Purpose of $ is to provide me flexibility for bills and paying off car and a cc or 2 perhaps while I finish relocating and settling in to where in Atlanta and if I stay with the same Retail Pharmacy Corp or go with another. Only serious inquiries and not overly complex process people and companies, please.

Thank you in advance for reading my post and for any forthcoming serious inquiries ready to move forward.

BTW - It’s only fair to shout out the very kind and informative gentleman in Atlanta w/ Southeast Private Lending for referring me to this Forum since he does GA property and not NC - Thank You, Sir

Dr. John


There are companies who will provide private money bridge loans on lots and land, most up to 50%. Just be careful and don't pay any upfront fees other than an appraisal. A legitimate company will not ask for money paid to them upfront.

Just Google private money bridge loans!


hi Dr. john. I may be able to help. what is the address of the property so i can do some research. thank you. mike r