atlanta georgia.

i live just north of atlanta. im learning as much as i can about realestate investing, but need a little help. ok maybe more than a little. im not sure where to turn for help. is there anybody in my area on here? any pointers or suggestions ?

Congrats on getting into the BEST business in the world REI!

I saw your post and wanted to know if you know where Loganville, GA is at.

I am buying a site un-seen property in a New Division there and wanted your feedback on the area.


mr hobbs.
i know a little about the area your speaking of. its growing up there. where are you located now?

I have been investing th e the Metro Atlanta market for the past 5 years. There is no place like it.



Logansville is just east of Atlanta. Half way between Atlanta and Athens ( Home of my UGA dawgs). It is a great area.


Hello fellas,
I live south of atlanta. Just started in real estate investing myself. i like to specialize in preforeclosures and subject to. i also am a member of gareia. joined in february.


GAREIA is a great organization. Great chance for networking. Pre-forclosure is a hard market to work in the area, I have been through most situations with it, some were sucessful and some not. But there are several different avenues to follow in RI here.


yes, but with 2000+ homes/month going into foreclosure i will get a piece of the pie. oh, there aren’t as many investors south of atlanta from my untrained eye :slight_smile: what is your interest Medscan?


I have several interests, but I really love the art of negotiating the deal with an seller ,one on one. Most of my best deals have been made with owner financing. unlimited options there; But, there are great deals in all area of RI as well.


i would like to thank you for our conversation last week. its been a real booster for me to say the least. i look forward to hearing from you again. i learned a lot in a very short time from you. i guess it goes to show that forums do work if you keep at it.

If your unsure where to start, you might want to contact an agent who deals with investors. Don’t pick just anybody. If you know an investor ask him to refer you to someone.