Atlanta? Charlotte?

I wanted to ask all of the experienced investors on this site for there advice? I currently live in S. Florida and do enjoy living here minus the hurricanes. Every year they get worse and my nerves are basically on edge every summer. I have seen some of the prices in Atlanta and Charlotte and think that property value seems to be priced right. I have sufficient equity in my house that can give me leverage to buy 5 or 6 homes in the above mentioned areas and start to have a good amount of cash flow coming in. I tried to find property’s in S. Florida that would have good cash flow but everything is so overpriced. Do you think that it is wise to possibly move and use my equity to buy several homes and manage the property’s? Do you think that the Atlanta/Charlotte area are good investment areas for cash flow and future appreciation?

Have any of you moved soley for RE investment and better quality of life?

Would appreciate your thoughts.


if it cashflows without having to put more than 20%, i’d go for it.

personally i like places that cashflow with less than 10% down since
it means it undervalued. of course depending on population and job
growth. I wouldn’t want to invest in a place with projected negative
growth no matter how good the cashflow.