assuming SEC 8 lease?

If I buy a house with a SEC 8 tenant, is it going to be a PITA to get the lease transferred and payments sent to me?

Not a big pain in the neck. I did miss the first month’s check, but the previous owner just sent it to me. Can’t remember what I sent in, but it wasn’t much, just something to show that I was now the new owner of the property.

So you didn’t need to get it reinspected at all?

Not when I bought it. I bought it in July and the inspection was back in April and that’s when they normally do the annual inspection. You just have to figure out when they’re going to do the inspection again. I’m buying another property now that has a section 8 and we’re going to terminate her as the place is a mess and there’s a bunch of kittens running around. The inspection for that one is in November so it’s just as well we’re getting rid of her.