hello, was just wandering about assignments. wanted to start with them first before i jumped into bigger and better things. i recently purchased a “program” that also sent me assignment contracts and explained what i needed to do. it sounds fairly simple, the only thing i worry about is actually assigning the property to investors. does anyone know of a good investors in texas or wherever that will buy properties. i mean, i can find foreclosed homes in my area all day, do the paperwork, and hold the house. just dont wanna get stuck with it. thanks

what you need to do is call investors, we buy houses signs and other investor ads in your area and ask them what type of properties they are looking for and what kind of home they would like to invest in and then go out there and look for it. You wouldn’t want to get a property under contract and hope an investor might buy it, that is time you don’t need to be wasting. Different investors invest in certain deals that is why you have to know what deals they want first and find the deals second.

Home_investor is correct. Also, don’t forget about your local REIAs as well. This is one of the best places to find investor buyers…not investor “lookers”. Find the investors, find out exactly what they are looking for, go find it for them.

One last thing, do not put a property under contract that you “think” is a good deal unless you are willing to close it yourself, desperate/motivated sellers are counting on you to help them out of a bind…if you say you are going to buy their house, then buy it. Otherwise use an option or a contingency that the sellers understand.


ok…thanks to both of you. thats what i was needing to know.

The key to avoiding getting stuck with a home is to have your buyers lined up BEFORE you start looking for homes. You will end up wasting alot of time running around looking for homes if you don’t even know what you are looking for.

Also be sure to include an escape clause in your original contract, just in case you didnt know that already.

Best of luck