assignment question

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the site. I have a question regards to assignment fees. I am talking with a highly motivated seller right now for his commercial property. He is asking $1.5m. He has is listed for $1.6m. The property last appraised for $1.6m in 2001. I have a CASH BUYER interested in the property. Is there an assignment form or contract that I can use to get the seller to sign for a fee? Can I also ask the buyer to pay for a finder’s fee? How would I put this together and make some money out of this? How much is the “norm” to ask?

Thank you for your help in the matter,

Another question I have is does my company (LLC) have to register with the state the property located to do an assignment contract?

Thanks everyone.

OMG!!! His property appraised for $1.6 million in 9 years ago!!! HELLOOOOOO, What year is it now???

Plus, do you not know that you can get this property lower than that. You are only working with 100K margin. First of all the property is not with what he says it is. I can pretty much guarantee that it is way lower in value now.

Please get the home down to 900K or lower. You will be surprised. Property like this needs to have a way larger margin in order for you to really make it move.