Assignment ?...PLZ HELP!!!

Can you assign your contract to someone without having to go to closing? If so, how could I go about doing so? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

You would be a bird dog then, passing a deal on for a fee.

Yes, you can. Birddogs don’t put houses under contract they supply leads to investors and wholesalers that then put the property under contract. As a wholesaler you’d get the house under contract then find the buyer. Have your buyer/investor sign an assignment agreement in the amount of your fee and get a deposit. A substantial deposit like 50% of the fee. Make sure they understand it is a non refundable fee (as long as the seller shows up to sell the property) and accept the remainder at or just before closing. Send both the original contract and the assignment agreement to the title company. The buyer and the seller will meet at the closing table and you won’t have to be there. But you want to make sure your seller makes it to the table in order to ethically keep your deposit. If the buyer backs out then its their loss but you may have trouble collecting the rest of your fee. One of the gurus I’ve studied recommends 50% or $4,000 whichever is higher but their minimum fee is up to like $20,000.