Assignment of contract from scratch

I’m very new to rei but am also very passionate and motivated. I’ve read a few books and have decided to start by assigning contracts to other investors. I’m looking for some tips or guidelines to go by to get started. ANY info would be greatlly appreciated. Also if it helps I’m in the panhandle of fl region.


What makes you say that if you dont mind me asking?

I’m thinking investors will only buy there if they can get the property for 30 cents on the dollar. I think it’s only going to get worse so investors may wait it out a bit longer before buying in that area.

I think it is a good time to invest carefully in FLorida. If I wanted to live in Florida (which I don’t) I would be paying very close attention and picking up the best bargains.

Prices have dropped substantially, and sellers are disheartened. There are also enough foreclosures going on to make the banks a little more receptive.

The down market won’t last forever. People are still going to retire and they still want to retire someplace warm with activities.

If you get the point where you are going to do buy and hold, try to get beach property. Beach property has limited supply and will always have high demand.

thanks for the help guys

I am in FLA and I can tell you the deals are here. If you drop me an email I would be glad to make some specific suggestions for you wholesaling business.