assignment fee questions


When do you inform the end buyer of your assignment fee amount? So I’m clear, I have the end buyer contact the title company of my choice to submit the non-refundable earnest deposit then pays my assignment fee? When do we submit the assignment of contract? How soon is this done? Can someone explain the steps and how to fill out the assignment of contract? Tks!

Once I get the house on contract, I call my buyers and place ads on Craig’s List.
Wen I have a buyer willing to pay my price I send him the Assignment of contract to sign.
If he signs it, and emails it back to me, I then tell him to start escrow and I send my original contract with seller and the assignment to the Title company of his choice via email.
I had one buyer blow a gasket wen He found out Im making $6K on a deal, and I’ve done others were I made 15K and they signed it without blinking.

Are you informing the end buyer of your fee on the deal? Isn’t this on the assignment of contract their signing? Does the end buyer need to know your fee in order to know how much to inform the title company of what your split will be?

As an example, one house my bird dog found I got on contract for $22,500
Found a buyer for $38,000
I emailed my buyer an Assignment of Contract for $15,500
My bird dog and I also signed the Assigned of Contract.
The buyer knew exactly how much we were making.
The Title company cut the bird dog and I checks for $7,750 each.
On a side note, a year later we noticed the house was still sitting there
with little or no work being done. I contacted the buyer and he said he just sold it for $48,000