assigning with a lease option

I’m new to investing and am trying to make sure I learn all I can. I have read several posts where there was a discussion of lease options and assigning back to the Seller/landlord. I’m in Arizona and want to make sure I have all the right information on the subject before I present to a potential seller. I have an Agent, who’s company is very much into the creative ways of financing property and their management side of the house is up-to-date with leases and lease options. I just want someone from outside this group to help me understand better.

Just like any business endeavor, you need some organized training.

Even a franchisee get’s corporate training.

Trying to wing this, and remain all ghetto is really not very efficient.

That said, I recommend Todd Toback for Lease/Option (Lease Purchases) training. It’s a comprehensive training he offers. It’s especially helpful for those starting from scratch.

I know him personally, and he’s a real investor in the business in a highly competitive market. Just Google search “Todd Toback Lease Purchase,” and you find him all over the place. You absolutely will learn very sophisticated and actionable ways to find deals, find buyers, find resources to close on deals.

Anyway, if you don’t get some organized training, it’s gonna be a long slog for you.

BTW, agents are not a good source for learning how to do creative real estate transactions. FWIW

It’s like going to a car mechanic and asking how to fix an airplane. He might be familiar with engines, but when you get to flaps, gauges, and transponders, you’re screwed.

Good luck.

I was a Real Estate Agent over 20 yrs ago and know the mentality. I have invested in several courses. The first one was Carlton Sheets in 1987. I don’t reliy on Agents, however this agency is different as their broker insists that the agents get continuning education from a varity of sources outside the mainstream training here in Az. They pride themselves with making sure their clients get information on all forms of financing.

Just also wanted to let you know that your course is next on my purchase list.

I just re-read the end of your post. As a Disabled USMC Avation Electrican, I carried MOS’s( job skills) for powerplants, airframes, Hydrolics, Radio and Communications, Flir/Radar on A4 Skyhawks, OV-10 Bronocs and C130 Transports. I never just rely on the Mech. I’m the one who told the Mech what the problem was and how to fix it. So, I do get the training and research everything. Sorry about the multi posts. My mind works slower than my fingers sometimes :rolleyes

I look forward to welcoming you as a subscriber…!