Assigning/wholesaling and dealer issues

If one is simply assigning/selling one’s interest in a property, then how would one be classified as a dealer? I’m simply controlling the property for a time (and not buying or selling but trying to get that done for someone else). How does one deal with this? Is it by using land trusts, corps, both?

Since your name won’t be on the deed, it won’t be a problem. If you have to do a double close, then taking title in an entity would be best. Overall, it shouldn’t be a problem,

I am not an Accountant however have had long conversations with a few of them… The conclusion I have come away with is it all depends on your “Intention”.

Even if not having title to a property will protect you from Dealer status in most states you are limited to how many transactions you can do this way without a real estate license. Out here in California we are limited to 8. I would worry about that more.

Good luck