Assigning Option to Purchase Agreements for Rental Properties

I’m a wholesaler that realizes we’re probably going to have a renters market for quite some time. I’d like to ask a hypotehetical question:

I like to use Option to Purchase agreements with my sellers. If I lock up a house with only an option price (no terms) for a certain time frame, should I be able to assign that option to purchase agreement to a buy & hold investor if I mention the seller would consider selling with a lease option? Or would I have to write up a lease option agreement before I can assign anything? My problem is whatever terms I write up, may not be what a buy and hold investor would want. I would rather leave that part to the end buyer to hash out with the seller.


Why not just do a purchase option with an assignment clause?

That way you could assign the right to purchase the house to the next guy. If you worried about him.her not liking the terms don’t…

If you always get the best terms possible…It won’t matter because if your investor didn’t like them at there lowest then the deal would not have happened either way…Nothing gained, nothing lost

good luck

That is what I intend to do. I just wasn’t sure if buy & hold investors expected me to negotiate the terms.

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