Assigning Fee

Do you reveal your assignment fee to the end buyer? Also should the end buyer know how much the sales contract has on it?
I was under the assuption that all fees should be disclosed, am I correct?


 If your assigning your contract, your buyer will know what he is paying to buy your contract as you can not sell your contract without saying verbally I want xxxxx dollars to sell you (Assign you) my Contract.

Yes, the end buyer has to know what the contract say’s because they are stepping in and taking over your contract to become your contract for paying a purchase price as an assignment fee.

The new buyers lender will be loaning this buyer xxx percent of your contracts face value, the lender normally will not loan any portion of the assignment fee as the buyer is paying cash normally to take over your contract. (Buy the Assignment)

In an assignment full disclosure is necessary and required, the deal can not be done without full disclosure! (What Terms and Conditions do I have to abide by to buy this contract by paying an assignment fee?)


Appreciate your helpfulness. I thought disclosure was necessary, but was not sure.

It really is up to you. Some times my buyer knows what I will be getting on the back end. It does not matter to him anyway because the property is priced so low that he is getting a deal. The buyer knows that I am making a profit. I am not in business for charity. lol :biggrin