Assigning contracts in Illinois

Is anyone aware of any issue’s with assigning contracts in Illinois? Is it allowed? I’ve heard some states prohibit this but wasn’t sure of Illinois’ stance.

This post actually allows me to answer in a few ways.

  1. being an Illinois investor, I have done assignments and it is just fine. Just be sure to do it ethically and no dumb laws will be passed like the one they passed called HB 4050 - that by the way was suspended just weeks into it being in place.

  2. If you attend local REI Clubs, you can get this answer and a multitude of others from those in attendance. The clubs are great because these are people that are active in your market. The actual “DOERS” will know the ins/outs of the market and what works, etc. This is why you attend REI Clubs, not for the presenters but for the networking. Use a club like you use this site.

  3. I think it would be great if everyone would put their location in their posts or sig blocks. I am thinking about doing it myself. Would help others target questions if they are locale based.