Assigning a contract

I have a question about assigning a contract. Here’s the deal: I found a multiplex for sale at $190k. I’m ssking $210k for it from my buyer. I can get it at this price from the seller.

  1. If I want to assign the contract to my buyer, am I signing two separate contracts – one with the seller and one with the buyer?
  2. What happened during the due diligence process (appraisal, inspections, etc)? Am I the middleman from start to finish or do I just tell my seller and buyer to contact each other and I just show up at closing?
  3. Should I do a double closing because of the profit? I don’t want the buyer to know how much I will be profiting.


I have a copy of an Assignment Agreement on my website at at the bottom of the page.

This can be used when you don’t want the Seller to know about the amount of money that you are making as a “Wholesaler”.

However, be aware that some Attorneys may argue that the Seller should be part of this Agreement with full disclosure. In my opinion, a big profit for the Wholesaler may be a deal breaker with the Seller.

As always, you should consult with an Attorney anytime that you are going to use a contract to conduct your business.

Happy Investing!