Assign vs Hard Money Closing

Another question, I am searching for deals to assign. But I was thinking, being the control freak that I am, was wondering would it be better to just go ahead and close, hard money style. My concerns is making sure that my seller doesn’t get hung out to dry, also it allow me to feel like I have more control. Then I would turn around an wholesale it to someone else.

The only drawback being my name on the title, which I don’t know if I want that to happen. What do you guys suggest?

Also consider the points the HML would charge plus the closing costs.

I already have, so what do you suggest? I don’t mind paying that if it is necessary.

Why pay it? It comes right out of your pocket and cuts into your profits bigtime. Just be sure you have buyers that will close, not a bunch of wannabes. Get big deposits from them to make sure they follow through.

Thank you sir, I appreciate it.