Assign/Double-Close with End Buyer Mortgage?

How is it possible to either assign or double close a property to an end buyer purchasing the property through a traditional mortgage. I understand the end buyer could just pay the assignment fee in cash, but if I am targeting only retail buyers using strictly mortgages how would I go about this? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

One way to do it is by using a land trust. I’ve heard of investors using that as an option.

can you explain please?

The idea as I understand it is to have the seller put their property in a land trust (check you state requirements for this) and then assign the trust over to you as the beneficiary. This is used more in short sales when the seller is very motivated and they are giving you title to their property. The seller knows they are not getting anything out of it.

If the property is in a trust, then the lender for your buyer sees the trust but doesn’t know that you are the beneficiary of the trust.

Anyway, I’ve just been introduced to the concept and still learning. Hopefully some more experienced investors who use this method can add their thoughts.

that is ok for short-sale but for a normal transaction most sellers will definitely refuse to put the deed in a trust

Another option is to work with the seller who you are getting the property from, have them sell directly to the end buyer and give you the difference between the end buyer price, and the price that you have established up front. You can get your fee added to the HUD as a contractor fee.