Asset Protection


Yesterday I attended a seminar for Asset Protection by Dr Jay Mitton, has anybody ever heard or have they used their kits? The kits are kind of pricey, at the seminar they were selling them for $4000, if you didn’t purchase then it would be $6000 at their retail 800 number. From what I could tell from the seminar they seemed knowledgeable and it seemed like it might be a good investment, but before I spend 6 grand I was wondering if there is another solution out there that would be just as good but not as pricey. I did look on ebay and found one, currently the bid is at $800, but it was the 2004 addition, the big thing that I like about the kit I saw yesterday is the software package for your computer to help create the documents that you need. It was actually kind of cool, all you needed to do was start the wizard and it walked you through what ever you were trying to create.
Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated…

Howdy Dburg507:

Save your money. You can get docs prepared for 60 deals for $6000 and probably have money to go on vacation remaining. As far as asset protection, buy an insurance policy, form an LLC for $200 and buy those 60 deals.


PS I do not even know Dr Mitton, he may be wonderful, but not $6000, maybe $600 and that is steep to me. I got Carlton Sheets complete works years ago for $10 at a yard sale and several other books tapes and courses for really cheap.

Work with a real estate attorney in your state - it will be cheaper, easier, and you will end up with a much better asset protection structure.

Steve Tiemann

Thanks guys as usual good advice…

TedJr your becoming my online knowledge base…I have read almost every post that you answer and the advice always seems solid… Thanks again 8)

Howdy Dburg507:

Thanks for the nice words. You are welcome for sure. I am just trying to help. I have learned the hard way about doing deals. I am still underfunded and am doing deals on a shoestring to say the least. I have built and lost a small fortune twice and am working on my third time. It is helping on this forum that gives me the energy and drive to keep on trying even after two failures on my third attempt to create a real estate empire. I have done a lot wrong but have learned a lot on the way up and especially on the way down. I was broke and had bad credit when I started so I do not have far to fall this time. I would like to be able to protect myself from personal failure and secure my personal financial future and retirement. One I do not have to worry about your personal income the sky will be the limit and I will accomplish great things. I am like a giant rubber bank and will spring back stronger and further than I have even been.

I am glad you can use some of the advice and thanks again. LOL