Aspiring bird dog

Newbie here, here in Chicago looking to get my feet wet. Just decided to make the plunge, if anyone has any deals or propositions for me in this area market wise give me a holler and lets discuss what you are looking for and the criterias.

Greetings and hello I am also new :slight_smile: Have a great day/night.

Bird Pup

I just purchase the new book by Than Merrill called “Real Estate Wholesaling Bible”
I think I paid about 18 buks for it on Amazon. I must have a dozen courses and books on Wholesaling alone, and a few dozen others on other aspects of RE Investing.
If You guys want to get serious about making money and learning the business.
I suggest you spend some money and time and get an education.
And develop a passion and a do or die mindset.
I never realized it would be so hard. Of course it seems to be getting easier now that I have the contacts and experience and most of all, the funds for some serious marketing.
The best advice, Never give up.

Education is crucial, but the RIGHT education is mandatory.

Rule number 1 in real estate is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. People that invest in California won’t have the same laws, rules, challenges, etc in Chicago.

For that reason I suggest that networking with LOCAL investors is CRITICAL. Get out to local groups and clubs. be sure to engage other attendees. Find out what others do, have done, and separate the mover and shakers from the talkers and fakers.

Even if you just want to birddog or wholesale, you need BUYERS at least. So get out and meet people in person to find them.