ASC- Listing w/ Realtor

I am preparing a package for a short for a homeowner who has two loans being serviced by ASC. One of their items listed on the Package is a listing agreement. The homeowner had the home listed since Jan. w/ an agent. The listing agreement expired.

Question: How do I make note of this with ASC in my presentation? Do I have to have him re-list or is there another way around that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Depending on the listing price, it’s a good thing that the property was listed with an agent on MLS.

If the house was listed at FMV, and yet it did not sell for the 6 month period it was listed, then you have a good case to make in terms of SS.

ASC is a pain to work with. They do not care what happens to the property in there charge,IMO.

That being said. The listing agreement expiring is a good thing. It will show them, if you can actually speak with someone beyond CS, that the place needs its price lowered to sell. You will need the listing history from a realtor. Just include this with your short sale package with a letter stating that no realtor wants to list the home because its condition and lack of equity. Your main goal is to get them to come out and do a BPO. Good luck.