Asbestos Siding on older home

Older Ohio home with cement asbestos siding,would you pass on this rehab.Siding is in very good shape , but I have concerns regarding proper disclosure and resale problems.

I have a bunch of houses with asbestos siding. It’s not a big deal. You can paint it or cover it with vinyl siding - no problem. The only issue is that it will need to go to a hazardous waste dump if you decide to remove it. For that reason, I never remove it.


It will last forever too. When i’m inspecting a property wrapped in vinyl siding, I always hope its asbestos under it and not junk like rotten Masonite.

Not a problem if its not falling off. Lots of houses have asbestos siding, and lots of schools have asbestos flooring! :X

If its not ‘coming up’, they dont consider it an issue. If the paint is not pealing, I paint it, otherwise side over it with vinyl.

Thanks alot for your time and speedy replies . Thanks to all that make this site possible, so many answers to so many questions without having to even ask, just research the many posts.New to the Rehab business first one done and sold (even in this market) looking to do a better job on the next ie better research and estimating .MANY THANKS TO ALL !!! Jerry L.
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