Asbestos Shingles

Anyone have experience ripping off and or covering these up?

I just put a contract on a house, and the roofers said they may need to be covered with siding and/or removed.

This seems like it could get really expensive.


I have no experience removing them but know for sure it will be exspensive. To do it right it has to be handled and packaged specially by a company certified to do it. Can’t imagine it being any type of realistic except for maybe this old house.

Just cover them up and be done with it.

You either have to remove it as previously stated or cover it with house wrap and some sort of new siding. You can leave it in it’s current state, as long as the asbestos is encapsulated it’s fine. My recommendation is if you’re wanting to put something new up…just cover it.

Asbestos siding is not illegal in most places (that may not apply if you live in a socialist state). Here in Ohio, you can paint it; put siding over it; or just leave it alone. No big deal. I’ve got several rentals with asbestos siding. I have painted a couple of them; put new vinyl siding over one of them, and left some others alone.