As if it couldn't get any worse, now I am being fined...

My gutters are rotted on the back side of my property, the housing authority did an inspection and said I need to replace them. For the time being (to prevent the leaks) I had a local gutter company patch a small area to fix the problem. I contacted the local preservation district (these rat infested drug houses are apparently “protected”) and the local agent gave me a list of authorized replacement/repair contractors.

Apparently they went out and saw that I had patched the leak, I am trying drastically to contact them to let them know but they keep sending me to voice mail. I just receieved a fine for $2500 for violations. I will receive another one in 10 days until it’s corrected. The main problem is that all the “authorized” gutter people say they need at least 60 days to construct new gutters made from materials available in the early 1900’s. They have to special order and treat some type of wood. This sounds so stupid to me, and the gutter replacement is going to cost $12,000… it pains me to pay that on a property where I can’t even find a tenant to pay rent. I have not collected rent in 5 months on that place, it’s filled with druggies and thugs.

I pray every night to any God willing to listen to me to set the place on fire, I wish a tornado would roll through that place soooo bad.

If I foreclose intentionally just to get the property out of my name is it just my credit that is destroyed or can the bank sieze my personal assets like my personal home/auto?

If you can’t contact them by phone go to their office and bang on the door until someone answers.

Well, I just contacted them on the phone finally and now they are trying to play hardball. I explained the situation but they are going to keep on with the fines.

I hate everything they stand for :frowning:

I am about to call my mortgage company and beg for a short sale; I can fix my credit faster than I can fix the problems this property will cause me. I am just waiting for one of the thugs living at this place to “hurt himself” on my property.

Call your attorney asap, get him/her playing hardball right back.

If all else fails maybe a shortsale?

where is this property?

Immediately, Right now, call a consumer affairs reporter at the biggest TV station in your market. Explain the situation to the reporter. Make sure you play up the fact that the dept. your dealing with is doing nothing, and that you have tried everyway possible to contact them and correct the problem. This is not how honest law abidding people should be treated. TV stations will KILL for these stories. They love sticking that mic in the Dept. heads face and asking "Why does your department treats tax payers this way? " Then the seas will part, instantly, like a miracle all the bullsh*t will end and the gutters can be fixed in a way you can afford and they can live with.

I’d be hell bent for leather if I was fined $2500 every 10 days for not having the “correct” gutters. On top of that, they mandate where you can get the gutters from. These gutter Nazi’s must be commies.

Your 8th Amendment right:

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Sue the municipality for lawyers fees and $100,000 in damages to be awarded to the charity of your choice!

Well I took your advice, I am livid right now…I called my local troubleshooter news station and they seem to be foaming at the mouth to meet me at my property for a story. I have an appointment Thursday at 8:00AM; we will see how it goes. :slight_smile:

This is what I am looking for, I found another investor who was begging to buy this property for $80,000 (which I would GLADLY accept) but the problem is I owe 98k on the first and 22k for the second (with the same lender). I tried to talk my lender into letting me refi the remaining balance and sell the property but they said this could not be done. I have ZERO problems paying the remainder 40k on the property (if I sell for 80K). It really stinks doing that but I just want the problems gone, it was just appraised for 130k…

If I could get away with this having my credit in tact (mid 750 scores) and only be out 40k I would jump for joy.

If your credit is that good just put a portion of the balance on a credit card, then transfer that balance to a 0, 2, or 3% card. I do this all the time. My credit score is over 800 and I just move the money around until I close on the home. (mostly for flips) It really can be a no interest loan if you play it right and don’t srew it up. ie. pay it off. You can not use the card for ANYTHING else, if you do that balance gets mixed in with the zero interest and forget it, you’ll never figure it out. Just a thought.

Just do a DIL (Deed in Lieu), give the property back do not give them money, they will 1099 you for earned income although you may be able to negotiate your terms. Who is your lender?

I am on the phone with my mortgage company now (on hold). Is there anything I should know about requesting a deed in lieu? I am willing to live with 7 years of credit hell but what do I need to qualify for this? The property is appraised at 130k, I have an 80/20 loan with the same lender for 122k total. I am sure the fair market value of the home is around 80-100k…

no need to answer my question as to where is the property…I found it in your old posts…Kentucky…