hi, can anyone tell me where can i find the record for those house which is sold? specially in Asutin TX. thanks for your info.

If it is sold by a Realtor. It will be on the MLS.

Or try the Recorder’s office and the Treasures office.

I am not exactly sure what you are looking for?


hi. thanks for your info. what i lookng for is… example. i want to find out the houses which is sold in Jan 2006 in zip code 11223 , Brooklyn, NY
i looking for those houses’s sold price

we have title companies who will run comps on an area for free
also if you work with a realtor, they will often run comps for you
at least ours does… but I do lots of favors for her like made a small web site & send her biz all I can



The county recorders office has all the info you will need all you have to do is go in and ask

Not in Austin, TX. Texas is a non-disclosure state so the sales prices are not a matter of public record. Only the recorded liens are public record here so you can’t tell what the house sold for (since you only know the liens and not the LTV).

That is true. Every state is different. It always helps to have a great title co. or att. who can help. A great Realtor is sometimes the best way. I have used my Realtor to check sold properties many times