Articles of Incorporation

I tried to do a search on the forum but didn’t have any luck finding the information i am looking for. I am new to REI and looking to form an LLC. I have learned a lot by reading these forums but one thing that it seems no one talks about is the articles of incorporation that goes with forming an LLC. What do you guys recommend for this? Is there a standarized form somewhere that I can use for an REI LLC or do i need to create one?

This link will take to a software program that I have used to set up both corporations and LLC’s in different states.

It is easy to use, just fill in the blanks and it will allow you to print out all that you need and even has links to Sec. of states and other important information.

You can do this.

Sorry didn,t include the link.

The articles of incorporation are simple and typically common for forming any LLC. You can see examples online.

Don’t forget your Operating Agreement. Many are common, however for larger and more complicated LLCs, the O.A. becomes more detailed. Doing the O.A. is the bulk of the costs for having an attorney set up your LLC.

It is probably the most important document you’ll need for your LLC. And you definitely want one. It will protect each “member” as well as the LLC from many situations (provided you draft it accordingly). If you didn’t have your O.A. then your LLC will most likely default to your state’s laws (which can be a burden).

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