articles from other sites?

i’ve read through the articles on some of the most obvious rei sites, and am having trouble finding any new articles to read. can anyone recommend anything new?

(already read all of bruss’ articles, reiclub’s, creonline, regoddess, flippinghomes, and john reed. dying for some new databases to read!)

even general ideas of the names would be okay so i’d have something to look for…

Your local public library is another excellent source.

Most public libraries nowadays have an online catalog which enables you to browse it and request books from home with your nearest branch being your pickup point.

If you simply put “real estate” into the search engine of your public library’s system you’ll probably get plenty of titles to choose from.

Get your library card squared away with your local librarian.

You can thank Ben Franklin for that…he got the whole concept started back in the late 1700’s.


hmmm… well… thecreativeinvestor is one.

how about reading some articles on getting over the fear of getting started and how to break away from ANALasys paralysis.

haha i’ve told you before i thought, i’m in one part of the country still saving for my january move to a different region of the country. i’m still makign real good money and studying, waiting for the move. in the meantime, it’s just constantly refining the business plan so when i get there i can hit the ground running.

trust me, in january posts will be about actual deals (well, in february prolly)

where do you plan to move?

I live in Florida but do my rehabs in Kansas and wholesale in Indiana …Im sorry I lost track waht were you waiting for again?

campbell, nice site. did the we buy houses guys help you with this site?

i like it because it’s like BAAAAMMM, here are our houses!!

very cool.

Thank you I’ll let you in on a little secret yes the WE BUY HOUSES CASH guys actually designed and maintains this site.P.S. Just like you we are the we buy houses cash guys.(we designed and maintain our own site.)We are glad you like it we are always looking for constructive feedback ,good or bad.

not sure what you mean by all that?

you are the we buy guys what?


You are an investor right?You do advertise WE BUY HOUSES CASH right? Well Just cause we dont have billboards all over doesnt mean we dont hold the title WE BUY HOUSES CASH GUYS ;D

?? are you serious or joking, i don’t get it…

i’m waiting to move. i work full time now. my fiance and i are aiming for mid 20K’s (25 to be precise) by mid january. plus we promised her employer that we’d stay through the christmas rush. then, when we’re done with that, we load the car adn head to your state. then we start advertising, then we’re no longer in analysis…

what county of FL are you in, or general region?


We are in the broward county area. Please check out my web site and fill out our buyers form and we will ad you to our list of contacts when we get property in this area, or any area for that matter. Where are you moving to? NO IM NOT KIDDING !! check out our site and you will se what we are about.

oh i thought you may have been kidding as it was earlier in this thread that i said that.

I like your site, unfortunately I’m gonna be more northern, on the gulf side, and looking to wholesale right off the bat

Well Like I said we buy and sell all over the country. North , South , East , West . (not too much west) so If you find a deal your looking to get rid of keep us in mind.

After 28 yrs working with real estate investments (my dad got me started working beside him at age 12), and after having been so frustrated with the get-rich-quick hype out there, I’ve now started to write a few articles a week on a variety of related topics. You can read some at I’m open to suggestions of what other articles you’d like to see.


Ron D. Pate

These are some really good articles Ron.

Thanks for providing the link.