Article: How "Serial Evictees" Game A System Meant To Protect Renters From Abuse

Here’s an article in the SF Weekly about “serial evictees” using SF’s housing laws against their landlords… It’s an interesting (and kind of infuriating) read.

What was the movie with Michael Keaton where he was the tenant from hell in San Francisco? Very interesting story, thanks.


Pacific Heights

…and there you have another of the thousands of reasons not to live in a socialist state like the People’s Republic of California! How ridiculous!


I heard about an attorney in Santa Barbara actually coaching tenants through this stuff…

“…the city-run San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board…”

“…Eviction Defense Collaborative, the latter of which receives about $800,000 annually from the city…”

I’ll bet I know who pays for that nonsense.

This is a good example of why tenant screening is so important.

A sad, sad state of affairs.

Well, I got 2 things to say about this.

  • I don’t feel sorry for any landlord who gets screwed, that did not properly checkout a tenant. I’ve had a couple of illegal aliens call me this weekend looking for a place to live — ha. No thanks. Each person needs to have a state issued ID, social security number AND verifiable history.
  • Thank god I don’t live in San Francisco. =)

All errors in real estate are a function of one of 2 if not both things; Greed or laziness. Either the landlord didn’t do the background check because he was greedy or lazy, either way you get what you eat what you kill. They didn’t check out the guy and they get what they deserve.