Artic ice back to normal levels?

Well that’s unfortunate timing for The Chosen One! Just when global warming is over, he’s preparing to announce sweeping new carbon dioxide limits that will kill jobs and increase pain on every American! Or maybe, like “healthcare reform”, it’s not really about global warming. Hmmmmmm…

And if stupid moderate Republicans fall for this drilling hoax,they deserve to be thrown out in November.
Obama is such a political bully to get his way he does’nt realize he just sacrificed all of Florida in November.Not to forget in 2012 when he’ll be shown the door(hopefull in handcuffs).This guy is making “history” alright,the history of the Democratic party.Sad,are there no constitutional responsible democrats to denounce this takeover??

Even More Good News!!! There is the highest gain in employemnt in the last three years…If you want to be a temporary Census Taker. :banghead