Armando Montelongo

Has anyone heard of this guy out of San Antonio? I just finished his book. Has anyone bought his cds or dvds?? He had a show on A&E.

Last I heard there was some trouble with the Law. Did you run a search for him here? Herbster

Use the search function. There have been numerous discussions regarding him.

I’ve got his ebooks. I didn’t pay the $97 I only paid $4.95 on ebay and it’s a good thing because it’s not worth the $97 with the amount of info in it. If you want more info of his you’ll end up having to spend on his full course which I wouldn’t do instead if you want his full course wait until it’s on ebay for fraction of the $997 he offers on his site.

Just search Armando, I did and there’s plenty on this guy. Save your money.Herbster

…and after dealing with him or even information about him, please remember to wash your hands (…and use soap!)…


Thanks for the feedback guys.

He’s a get rich quick biz-opper. Avoid him like the plague

Haha. I got an email from this guy this morning. He is such a “get rich quick” scammer. I bet his entire family hates him for what he is doing (they all are in the real estate business, more than just his brother David). Here it is:

I have never let ANYONE know
my resources for…

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Armando Montelongo, President
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This is a prime example of what happens when you start making money your goal. You goal should be to do the business right. That includes money but there are a lot of other things that you need to be doing also.