Armando Montelongo Cleared Of All Charges Of Theft Of Service

Last September of 2007 something happened to me that has never happened before. At 9:00 am, (6) San Antonio police officers surrounded my house at Rancho Montelongo. Not knowing why (6) police officers would be surrounding my house, I simply opened the door and let them in wondering what the hell was going on.

They told me I had been charged with a felony called “Theft of Service”.

At that time, I had lived for 37 years and had NEVER been arrested or in trouble with the law in my ENTIRE life. The officers handcuffed me and took me down to the city jail where I now found out is where most of the idiots in San Antonio hang out.

The officers were very nice and we actually had a friendly conversation on the way to the station. They said “You are much friendly in person than on television.” I said, “That’s because your not a contractor”. LOL

Once there, several of my new “roomies” were asking me about what “I did” to be in jail and I asked them politely to shut the F&*K up, as I am not a criminal.

The jail was soon abuzz and a judge who is a fan of the show came to the cell and told me he would have me out ASAP and these charges are BS. I thank that judge for getting me out of the San Antonio sewage system as quickly as possible.


Theft of Service is a charge for people who intentionally order service and never have the intent to pay. This means someone would ask a landscaper to do work and know ahead of time that they were going to stiff the guy and never pay him.


A woman by the name of (who honestly cares) has a real estate appraisal service in Austin, Texas. She claimed that my company ordered several appraisals from her and didn’t pay. She sent the bill and I disputed it because I DID NOT ORDER THE APPRAISALS. In fact, some of the appraisals she was attempting to charge me for were for properties THAT WERE NOT MINE!

This is called a civil dispute since it is over a business matter. She sent me a threat letter from a civil attorney and I again disputed that I did not order these appraisals. The civil attorney immediately backed off since this is a case he could NOT win.

In my opinion, she now decided that since a civil attorney would not take a case that they would LOSE, that she would go the way of attempting to use the police department to act as a bill collector for her.

The problem with this is that THESE WERE NOT MY BILLS. This appraiser made the comment to a mutual business associate that she had a friend in the Austin legal system and that she was going to “make me pay one way or another and have me arrested for Theft of Service”. I find it VERY INTERESTING that I do not live in Austin, my business is not in Austin and these properties were not located in Austin, yet she chose to file a case in Austin where she stated she had a friend in the Austin legal system.

I called my attorney and he said, “Though these bills are not yours, pay the invoice since a “friend in the legal system” may not be told the whole truth by the complaining party.

I wrote a check for the amount of the appraisals as per my attorney’s advice and he contacted her to give her the check. At this point she refused the check and eventually refused to take any more of his phone calls.

IN MY OPINION, she didn’t want to take the money because she was looking for revenge, notoriety from the media or attention for her small business or smaller ego. Soon the National Enquirer came knocking and did a story about this Theft of Service charge as well as most major newspapers around the country.

I must say they used a very nice picture and spelled my name right…LOL, but my concern is about my students and fans who would believe the defamation and slander B.S. this woman was selling.


I must say, once the appraiser’s friend was out of the way, the District Attorney’s office in Austin, Texas did a very good job of investigating the FACTS of this woman’s slander. Upon a full investigation, the District Attorney found NO MERIT for this woman’s accusations and DISMISSED THE CASE!

I am happy the case has been dismissed and justice served. The funny thing is I never lost a night’s sleep over this. Perhaps it is because the past challenges of my life “toughened me up” or maybe it was the fact that I thought the accusations to be a joke and the case BS!



Now that I have been cleared, I must look at the damage this woman caused. She slandered my name across a national scale.

Believe it or not I can be a patient and tolerant man. However, she tried to take me away from my son Mondoman and send me to prison for two years (that is the maximum penalty for Theft of Service). The thought of her (over a $4,000 appraisal bill that was not mine) attempting to take me away from my 9 year old boy, when it is my responsibility as a father to raise him, BOILS MY BLOOD!

I will have NO MERCY as I file a Slander and Libel suit against her. I will also file such suite against her advisors as well! There is a time to rest and a time to fight. Now, after justice has been served, my enemies will remember me for the rest of their lives as I am about to launch the greatest war with the BEST lawyers in seeking compensation for the damages this woman caused. Many of the damages will be reserved for the court of law and for the lawyers to hash out.


I have chosen to write about this because you as a student, fan or friend have sent thousands of concerned emails. I do not want you to be mislead away from your success or for anyone through selfish reasons to create an excuse to stop your succcess. Now is the most critical time and GREATEST OPPORTUNITY in American History to create success and I will not allow such selfish people who want to crush YOUR DREAMS stand in the way of your destiny!!!

Just as this lie existed, I will be addressing another big lie out there very soon (and this one I am even more excited about)!

Take care and leave me your thoughts below.

To Your Success,



Nail her to the wall. Just because you have chosen to become a public persona does not give her the right to subject you to false charges.

People think they want to be rich and famous. This is dumb. Rich is fine but not famous. When you are famous things like this happen to you. You have to think before you strive to be famous because once you become famous you can never become unfamous. You can be infamous but never unfamous. That means that you will always have a target on your back and any bobbles you make will be in front of everybody. You ask for it and that is what you get.

You can’t unring the bell.

Usual warning: Please wash your hands.


Does this guy even invest anymore, or is now a teaching guru? Was never really a a fan of him.