Arlington Texas Real Estate Investers

I am looking for Arlington or Grand Prairie Texas Real Estate inverters interested in getting together to compare notes. I am new to Real Estate Investing and still learning. My main interested is in acquiring REOs and Short Sales properties. I believe there are enough properties here to go around so should not be a problem, even though we are in the same business. Where would I look for these individuals?

Have you tried your local REI Club?

I mainly work in Dallas, Collin and Denton county however if the numbers work I would be interested in Tarrant County.

I am an open book and like you never concern myself with information sharing etc…

If any of you guys want to get together for coffee let me know my email is listed on my profile. My problem is I spent the last two years living in the Philippines, still have a home there, and I really don’t know a lot of people here. It is my hopes that I will learn from you guys already in the business.