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How many years you been in Real Estate? How many deals have you done? What is you niche?
Is the economy gonna boom or go bust in 2016? Can a Tree house be taxed? Does ESP really exist?

Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?


How much wood could a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?


Hello! First of all, if you are for real, I would like to thank you for giving time in sharing your knowledge and allowing us newbies to ask you questions. Now as for my question, I’m new in real estate business and is still learning the difference between flipping and rehabbing. Can you give me some key points that will indicate the difference between the two?


 Flipping means not lifting a finger to clean or fix the property! Wholesaling is flipping property.

Rehabbing means blood, sweat, a few tears, a hammer to a finger and a few splinters as your going to fix and repair a home!


when we pay downpayment very less and take more mortage and sell it out within few years. Is it good to proceed like that ?

Hello I am new to real estate and having a difficulty getting a bird dog please help?

What have you done to recruit bird dogs?

I put ads on craigslist and what else can I to obtain bird dogs

Sometimes we have these job fairs here in my city and it’s publicized and even goes on the local TV channels. I see lines of dozens maybe hundreds of people trying to apply for these few jobs available.
I’ve often thought I could make up some brochures detailing the Property finder position and how lucrative it can be and walk the lines and hand them out.l.
Since starting doing Real Estate I just look at these poor souls in those life sucking hourly jobs and I can feel their pain.
Maybe they just need someone like me or you to show them the light and save them from a life of drudgery and mediocrity.
I’ve tried that with my family and friends. I can see them roll their eyes and act half interested. How sad for the masses.
Oh well, we have better things to do, like make money…

i am very keen to look forward to US Realty market, Currently i follows India Real Estate.
So Just wanted to know, for starters where should is begin with?
thanks for your time.?

Did you know that “rat poison” is also “people poison?”

I had to find out the hard way…

They should really label things more carefully…

I’m beginning to realize most people are content with being mediocre. So long as they can check their phone every seven minutes and watch The Voice on Tuesdays…