Are We Having Fun Yet?

Yes, indeed, going to be along winter.

I have two vacancies. One hasn’t had any calls. The other, well I almost wish it hadn’t.

4 calls today.

1st: she’s 20 years old and owes $16,000 on a credit card, but I don’t have to worry about that because she’s about to file bankruptcy and make that go away. You bet. You don’t run up $16,000 on a credit card without it occurring to you that you aren’t intending to pay. So as far as I’m concerned, she’s a thief. (and is also unemployed)

2nd: Is it going to bother me if she has a felony? I ask what is the felony and she says it’s “possession of a firearm”, but it’s OK because the gun wasn’t hers. It was her boyfriend’s rifle. The police found it in the closet when they were searching the house.

Uh, yeah. It’s not a felony to have a rifle in the house. Oh, the felony was for “felon in possession of a firearm”? So I asked what the previous felony was and she says it was felony abuse (whatever that means). I didn’t ask why the police were going through her house when they found the gun. (and she is also unemployed)

3rd: was looking for a place where he wouldn’t have to pay a deposit. (Which I assume means he is unemployed)

4th: woman looking for a place for her 70 year old father. She had to move him closer to town because he couldn’t take care of himself any more. For some reason, his ability to take care of himself improves if he moves closer to the mountains? (if he’s 70 and can’t take care of himself, I assume he is unemployed)

I sure hope tomorrow is better.

Tenants are a whole bag of fun aren’t they?
I’m a huge proponent of aggressive tenant screening, since bad tenants cause so much more misery than the little bit of extra work of doing credit screenings, criminal history reports, etc.
I also like to check and see if they’ve ever been involved with a lawsuit, as that’s a HUGE red flag.
Best of luck with your tenant screening!

The ones that are the worst are the most entertaining

If you can’t see the humor in it, and laugh about it, I suspect that LLing would drive you crazy.

Have a clear idea of who your ideal tenant will look like. These people live in a completely different world from everybody else. They’re fun to talk about, just make sure you don’t rent to them.

sorry to hear tater, I almost got a headache myself just thinking about the crap that you’re dealing with right now! I’ve been super fortunate with my couple of rentals to have GREAT tenants that actually left the property in BETTER condition than when they moved in!