Are there such deals for quick cash?

I am needing some ideas on how to find some no money down deals doing flips or lease options. I am unemployed and just about exhausted my finances. I have been looking at real estate investing for some time now, but have been unable to get started because of the fear of not having enough money to make a down payment. Now it seems almost certain that it would be hard for me to finance any deal. I own a condo and am afraid of losing it. Are there any such deals where I could purchase foreclosures, lease options, etc… without having to come up with any serious amount of cash and possibly flip them within 30 days?


Glad to meet you.

Your situation is not unfamliar, have you thought about doing some Bird Dogging to get started out, this is what I call the No Fear, No Liability and No Money way to get started out in your creative real estate investing career.

There are many pro investors out their looking for deals, so you have a captive audience. When you sock some money aside, then you can take a look at some other mentods of investing.

Nothing wrong with this way of getting started, many serious investors today started this way.

John $Cash$ Locke