Are There Still Wholesale Deals In Phoenix?

Hi I’m new to all this. I’m currently an almost out of work LO. Appraisals here in Phoenix have been killing my deals! I’ve been looking into investing and like the idea of wholsaling, however being in the mortgage biz and seeing what’s happening, are there still deals in this type of market? In this market what would be a ARV investors would look at? I don’t know maybe the timing is bad right now. I just know I can’t make it too much longer with things going the way they are.

There are ALWAYS wholesale deals to be found with a little work.
Give me a shout and I may point you in the right direction.

Yes Phoenix has wholesale deals, but it takes time to get into the mix. Do you have qualified buyers?

I putting them together now. I have one solid with one possible. Would like to have a minimum of 5 resources.